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Edwina Currie
Former UK health minister and best-selling novelist Edwina Currie chats with Karl about the writing process, Hell's Kitchen - and her affair with former Prime Minister John Major.
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Joanne Harris
Best-selling author of Chocolat, Joanne Harris, chats with Karl about writing a $150m movie. Plus, listen as Joanne answers your questions on writing, and talks about "everyday magic."
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Syd Field
World-famous screenwriter Syd Field answers your questions about writing movie scripts, plus reveals whether it's even worth writing for the big screen.
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Bernard Cornwell
Listen as best-selling author Bernard Cornwell chats about selling 20 million books, his surprise writing secrets, and his series of "Sharpe" books.
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Lucinda Hawksley
Best-selling author Lucinda Hawksley chats about her two recently-released historical biographies -- and her connections to famed 19th century author, Charles Dickens.
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Joe Vitale
Listen to hypnotic writing guru and #1 best-selling author Joe Vitale -- as he shares his secrets for taking your book to that elusive Amazon #1 spot, and chats about life as a minister!
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Nick Daws
The author of over 50 best-selling books chats about his "quick writing" secret, his most unusual writing job, and answers our best listener questions.

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Randy Ingermanson
The author of "Who Wrote the Bible Code?" and six fiction best-sellers chats with Karl about becoming a serious writer, his "Snowflake Method", and travelling through time!
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Jean Macleod
After 130 romance novels, Jean Macleod is still writing - and in this mini-interview she chats with Karl about getting started, life during the war & the secret of reaching 100 years young!
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Francine Silverman
The author of "Book Marketing from A-Z" and editor of the Book Promotions Newsletter, Francine Silverman, chats with Karl about getting your book featured on radio stations around the globe!
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Jo Condrill
Ever wanted to start your own book signing tour? Tune in as author and speaker Jo Condrill explains how to set one up on a shoestring - and tells Karl the secrets behind her career.
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Gabriella Goddard
Listen to the leadership coach Gabriella Goddard chat about the launch of her first book, "Gulp!" - and how she's using modern technology to increase sales.
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Phil Harris
He's been called the next Dan Brown - and in this interview, Phil Harris chats about his trilogy of "Waking God" books, and his experience co-writing a novel!
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Jeff Phelps
He's a full-time architect and a part-time writer. Listen to the story of how Jeff Phelps wrote "The Painter Man" - and how he managed to find success for his book through a local publisher.
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AnnA Rushton
Tune in and prepare to get jealous, as best-selling author AnnA Rushton chats with Karl about how she's earning her living by teaching people to write... on a cruise ship.
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Stephen Jackson
Just how much talent do you need to be a children's author and illustrator? Stephen Jackson chats about his journey publishing "MirrorWorld" - and his exciting UK book-signing tour!
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